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Thank You!

A Heartfelt Note Of Apprciation

It is hard to express in words the appreciation for all who participated in last evenings Gala. We are counting all the total funds today, and will have the final number out to you shortly. What can be said is it was a packed house, Jason Bonham was amazing, The BBQ Place fed us well, and we raised a lot of money for Matlacha. 
The generosity of our donors, bidders, local businesses, and the attendees reminded us all of why we love Matlacha. 
The work is just getting started!  Please sign up for our newsletter by emailing us at 

Image by Marija Zaric

Latest News

It is true. Ian gave us a body shot. What Ian failed to realize is how strong we are as Islanders and how much we care for one another. We want to assure Islanders and Visitors alike...Matlacha is here and we are coming back strong. If you want to be part of the solution, make sure you send us an email at

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